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Office Reopening May 14th, 2020

After closing due to the COVID-19 Stay Home Save Lives orders by Governor Kate Brown I am pleased to announce the reopening of Yen Wellness.

Open and Awesome

I am excited to announce some light at the end of this long tunnel. Since Oregon has been doing such a good job in regards to COVID-19, Governor Brown has lifted the ban on non-urgent medical procedures as of May 1st, 2020. That means I am able to start seeing patients again. Yay, I am so happy!

I am going to start seeing patients on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:00 to 6:00pm starting May 14th and slowly work back up to my regular schedule. This coming week I will be making calls and sending texts out to those of you who had appointments that were canceled in March and April.

Feel free to call or text me if you would like to schedule.

(541) 915-2257

As we transition back to "regular" life we do still need to be mindful of others and practice social distancing. This means things are going to look a little different when you come into the clinic. Here are some of the new guidelines /procedures from the Oregon Acupuncture Association you will find at the office:

As a patient:

  • Please arrive on time for appointment, if you arrive early please wait in your car instead of coming in early. You can text me that you have arrived.

  • Wear a mask to your appointment along with loose fitting clothing that allows for access to your lower legs to knee and arms to the elbow.

  • Please do not bring excess personal items into the clinic.

  • If someone comes to your appointment with you, please have them wait in the car.

  • If you have any symptoms of infection (sore throat, cough, fever, shortness of breath, loss of taste) or have been in contact with someone who is sick please call the clinic and reschedule your appointment.

  • There are no late cancellation fees if you are ill.

  • If you have high risk factors for COVID-19 and your condition is not urgent, please continue to stay home and well, we can resume acupuncture soon. If you cannot wait for treatment call me and I will schedule with accommodations as needed.

At the clinic:

  • Your temperature will be taken when you first enter the clinic.

  • You will go directly into the treatment room, no waiting in waiting room.

  • Appointments are staggered to limit patients coming in contact with each other.

  • I will be taking payment and rescheduling you in the treatment room, or if you prefer I can send an invoice to be paid online.

  • I will look different too, wearing scrubs and a mask.


If you are running low on your supplements, you can let me know what you need and I will have it shipped directly to you. Standard Process charges $13 for these drop shipped orders which I am currently cost splitting, so $6.50 will be added to the supplement total. Supplements are usually delivered in 2 business days.

I am still available for virtual appointments for nutrition and supplement recommendations. If you would like recommendations for bolstering your immune system or any health concern these appointments will be done via Zoom or FaceTime.

Call or text the office for more information or to schedule a virtual appointment (541) 915-2257

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