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Balance Your Energies


Acupuncture is branch of Chinese Medicine that uses small needles inserted into specific points along energy pathways in the body to adjust qi to restore balance. The needles use are very small, single use disposable and sterile. The points used are located all over the body and are selected for your unique condition. Treatments vary in the number of needles used depending on condition and body constitution. Amount of treatments needed also depends on the condition being treated: short term (acute) conditions respond quicker than long term (chronic) or more complicated conditions. Generally, patients are seen on a weekly basis to get conditions under control and then are seen on an as needed basis.
Treatments are offered in private rooms, so there is no need to wear special clothing. Linens, gowns, and towels are provided for modesty draping during sessions. Appointments range from 30 to 60 minutes and are administered while lying on a massage table or in a reclined seated position. Acupuncture may be combined with other modalities such as cupping, massage, gua sha, and moxibustion.

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