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Office Update - COVID-19 Closure

Keeping you up to day during the office closure due to COVID-19. Governor Brown's stay home orders have postponed any non-urgent medical procedures.

Spring Trees

I have been wanting to send out an update to let you know when the office is going to reopen, but unfortunately it is still not completely clear when that is going to be. As I am sure you all know, the information is changing day by day.

I think overall Oregon is doing really well in regards to the number of cases and the resources available for those who are sick. From what I understand from Governor Brown’s report, there will be 3 different waves of reopening. I am hopeful that I will be able to re-open in the first wave.

I have been talking with the other practitioners in the office as to the best practices for us all re-opening. We will be staggering calendars to minimize patients crossing or having to wait in the waiting room. We want to ensure that everyone is as safe as possible as we continue to practice social distancing as we re-open.

My projected plan at this point is to open a couple afternoon and evening hours a week in mid-May.

Once the governor has firmed up the dates for the first wave, I will re-open my schedule. I will still be limiting the number of patients I see a week, and not treating anyone who is actively fighting any type of infection. If you have had a fever in the last 72 hours, or have traveled in the past 2 weeks, you will not be able to have an appointment. I also urge anyone of high risk to remain home as long as possible. If you are high risk but need something urgently addressed with acupuncture I will work with you to schedule a time away from all other appointments to keep you safe.


If you are running low on your supplements, you can let me know what you need and I will have it shipped directly to you. Standard Process charges $13 for these drop shipped orders which I am currently cost splitting, so $6.50 will be added to the supplement total. Supplements are usually delivered in 2 business days.

I am currently available for virtual appointments for nutrition and supplement recommendations. If you would like recommendations for bolstering your immune system or any health concern these appointments will be done via Zoom or FaceTime. The way these appointments work is the same format I use in the office for nutrition consultations and are scheduled as a 30 minute appointment.

Call or text the office for more information or to schedule a virtual appointment (541) 915-2257

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