Book Recommendations

In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto

By Michael Pollan

The Gelatin Secret

by Sylvie McCracken

The Paleo Cure

by Chris Kresser, LAc

Wellness Mama Cookbook

by Katie Wells

The Whole 30 Cookbook

by Melissa Hartwig

Seven Peppercorns

by Nephr Jacobsen

Thai Herbal Medicine

by Nephyr Jacobsen

A Tooth from the Tiger's Mouth

by Tom Bisio

Arthritis Relief: Chinese Qigong for Healing and Prevention

by Yang Jwing-Ming

Between Heaven and Earth

by Harriet Beinfield

The Autoimmune Solution

by Dr. Amy Myers

Period Repair Manual

Dr. Lara Briden ND

Vaccine Friendly Plan

by Dr. Paul Thomas & Jennifer Margulis


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