Targeted Mobility Training Classes

Gravity Yoga

Deep long hold passive stretching designed specifically to increase flexibility in targeted areas of the body. Gravity yoga is a supplemental practice that can be used along with any exercise program or other yoga modality. Classes available weekly via Zoom. Subscriptions available for access to live and recorded classes.

Live Online Classes

60 Minute Zoom Classes

Weekly Gravity Yoga classes offered via Zoom with access to recordings to do on your own time. Subscriptions available for weekly, monthly, or 3-monthes, cancel anytime.

Get Bendy

Improve Flexibility in 15 mins per day

The best way to make flexibility gains is through daily practice. Get Bendy is an online video series that guides you through daily practice of mobility stretches in 15 minutes or less. Best performed at the end of the day to unwind and improve sleep.

Mobility Training

for Crossfitters

2 hour Workshop

Want to have better form lifting and protect yourself from injury? Gravity Yoga Workshops focused on targeted areas such as hips, back, shoulders, or hamstrings to improve your performance in and out of the box or gym.

Would you like to host a workshop at your gym or studio?

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Targeted Mobility Training for Massage Therapists

1 day Workshop

Continuing Education Credits available.

Performing massage is physically challenging, in this class you will learn how to reverse the affects of over use. We will cover the science of stretching and how to maintain and improve mobility so that you can continue to do the work you love for years to come. Focus will be on muscles of the arms, shoulders, and wrists that are prone to injury in massage therapists. Class is open to LMTs, Bodywork students, or anyone interested in maintaining mobility and gaining flexibility.

Flexible in Paradise

Destination Retreats

Mary is available for teaching at your retreat center. Gravity yoga is a great addition to any wellness or yoga retreat. If you would like to host a wellness retreat and include Gravity Yoga, Acupuncture, or Whole Food Nutrition instruction, please get in touch.

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